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backtrack, double back again, change back again - retrace 1's study course; "The hikers obtained right into a storm and experienced to turn back"

..敵對 повстати проти کے خلاف ہونا trở nên ghét hay không thích ai 变成和...敌对

heat, fuel → aufdrehen, höherdrehen; radio → lauter drehen; volume → aufdrehen; light-weight → heller machen; tension → verstärken, erhöhen

42, especially the radio products, which experienced permitted a coordinated attack, remaining also crucial for getting the initial surprise, plus the Gladiator's top-quality very low-altitude All round efficiency, including pace plus a markedly superior horizontal manoeuvrability in excess of its Italian opponent. The British celebrated the victory, even though the Italians had to admit a hard defeat.[sixty eight]

In addition to the actual info rows, tables normally have linked to them some metadata, which include constraints over the table or within the values inside individual columns.[doubtful – examine]

= deflect → abbringen; actions to show youngsters from legal conduct → Maßnahmen, um junge Leute or Jugendliche von kriminellem Verhalten abzubringen; almost nothing will switch him from his reason → nichts wird ihn von seinem Vorhaben ablenken or abbringen

Afterwards British Gladiators fought to supply fighter deal with for that allied reinforcements sent towards the support on the Norwegian governing administration.

a. To alter the position of by traversing an arc of a circle; pivot: turned his chair toward the speaker.

(of matters or people) to become much better or even worse. His fortunes have taken a flip for the greater; Her wellness has taken a turn for recommended you read the worse. beter phrase, slegter phrase يَتَحَوَّل إلى الأفْضَل подобрявам се/влошавам се melhorar/piorar zlepšit se; zhoršit se sich verbessern, ...schlimmern blive bedre; blive værre βελτιώνομαι, χειροτερεύω mejorar/empeorar; volverse mejor/peor; dar un giro para mejor/peor paremaks muutuma, halvemaks muutuma رو به بهبود click this site گذاشتن؛ بدتر شدن kääntyä paremmaksi, heikommaksi s'améliorer; s'aggraver לְהִשתָנוֹת לְטוֹבָה/לְרָעָה हालात अच्छा या खराब होना krenuti nabolje/nagore kedvező v. kedvezőtlen fordulatot vesz membaik, memburuk skána; versna migliorare; peggiorare 良く[]なる 차차 나아지기 look at this now 시작하다 pakrypti į gerąją/web siteąją pusę mainīties uz labo/slikto pusi; uzlaboties/pasliktināties berubah menjadi lebih baik/ buruk een gunstige/ongunstige wending nemen snu click over here now seg til det bedre/verre przybrać lepszy obrót بدتر کیدل، د بهبودی په طرف تلل melhorar/piorar a se îmbunătăţi; a se înrăutăţi улучшаться, ухудшаться zlepšiť sa; zhoršiť sa obrniti se na boljše/na slabše poboljšati se en vändning until det bättre (sämre), förbättras/försämras ทำให้ดีขึ้น düzelmeye başlamak 轉好,轉壞 змінитися на краще / гірше اچھا موڑ لينا يا برا موڑ لينا trở nên tốt hơn, xấu hơn 转好,转坏

It was the RAF's past biplane fighter plane and was rendered obsolete by more recent monoplane styles even as it was becoming introduced. Though frequently pitted versus extra formidable foes during the early days of the next Entire dig this world War, it acquitted by itself fairly properly in battle.

The body is offered in chrome steel or powder coated, plus the seat in curved wood, chrome steel or upholstered within a gentle leather-based.

We proudly offer a massive variety of Gloster tables and add-ons which can be fantastically designed and expertly crafted from the finest plantation teak.

five. A point marking the end of 1 stretch of time and the start of the next: the convert on the century.

Eddy denotes quick circular movement like that of the whirlpool: Storm clouds eddied overhead. Swirl can connote a graceful undulation, spiral, or whorl: The leaves swirled during the wind.

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